Insufficient Structures

I want to talk to you today about one of the three pitfalls all small business owners face.

Today’s pitfall is about structures; insufficient structures.

There is a trend today of having a free and open work environment, flexible hours, The Four Hour Work Week, work life balance…

Does this sound familiar?

Have you seen this happening?

Where all of this is great, it can only be effectively achieved inside of a great structure. So, what do I mean by a structure.

I’m not talking about a physical structure like a building. Although, the physical structures can be important.

What I’m talking about, is having the structures that support the business succeeding.

These are the structures of accountability, procedures, workflows and, dare I say it, policies.

When the business is small, with only a couple of people on the team, the need for these structures isn’t as apparent. However, as soon as the business starts to grow, the structures quickly become the things that can make or break the company.

One company that I worked with was nearing disaster when we met. As a matter of fact, they were considering bankruptcy.

They were a small store run by two brothers. They had taken over the business from their parents.

Their parents had always kept the store as a small local store but the brothers had loftier goals. They started to grow the staff, grow the revenues, but they couldn’t figure out why the more they grew, the more burned out they became.

Have you ever known anyone like that?  Maybe you’ve met them in the mirror.

They couldn’t keep team members. They had a problem with quality control when they weren’t there. They actually started to ignore areas of the store to focus on what they preferred because they just couldn’t manage at all…

And the team watched it happen, did as little as they could get away with, and either got fired for not doing their job, or left because they were bored.

All because there were in sufficient structures!

So you can start to see how important the structures are in a business.

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