4 Smart Strategies to Shrink Your Onboarding Process

How efficient is your onboading process? When someone new comes into the company, there is a lot of stuff to go over to get that person up to speed. However, the time and effort involved can disrupt the schedules of managers and everyone else on the team. How can you get your new hires up to speed without slowing down everyone else?

Make your onboarding process more efficient.

Four Strategies for Shrinking Your Onboarding Process

Here are four ways you can cut down the time needed to bring a new hire onboard.

  1. Create an internal website that new hires can use to get acclimatized to your company. The website can offer internal policies, standard operating procedures, company values, and other information critical for the new hire to be successful. You can track progress with quizzes or with new hire sign-offs after reviewing each section. You can even create livestream videos of this content that is useful for new hires and existing employees.
  2. Record basic training sessions. If you require that all new hires receive the same training, create a video that imparts this information. You can hold a livestream event where you present this information and record it for future hires. Building a library of such training is very useful for training new hires and refreshing the knowledge of existing employees.
  3. Assign a mentor to the new hire. This person should be the new hire’s go-to person for questions and concerns. Ideally, the mentor should know the new hire’s specific role and what is required to fill it. But, the mentor’s job is not to handle all the new hire’s training. The mentor’s role is to guide the new hire and to monitor his or her progress.
  4. Empower members of your team to train the new hire. There are certain aspects of the new hire’s job that will require one-on-one training. Depending on the role the new person is filling, it is likely that multiple people on your team can provide this training. This will minimize the disruption to one person’s schedule while giving the new hire a chance to speak one-on-one with different members of the team.

Creating an efficient, well-thought out onboarding process will pay off in the long run. You will have new hires who can get up to speed faster and existing employees who take ownership of helping new hires. That is teambuilding at its finest.

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