Celebrate any wins lately?

Well done!! Way to go!!!! You’re a rockstar!!!!!!!!

When was the last time you sat down and reflected on a win you had in the past week?  How do you acknowledge your business accomplishments?  Do you recognize and praise your team on a regular basis? How do you celebrate your victories, however big or small?

I don’t know about you, but if you’re like most people it doesn’t occur to us (including me) as a natural act to reflect on our performance.  We just keep on going to the next thing and the next thing.  It takes courage and commitment to look back on the things you did well, the things you didn’t do so well, the things you succeeded at, where you fell short of your mark.  Maybe that’s why so few people do it. 

When individuals routinely operate at such high levels, it can sometimes seem like the norm; these people say things like “it’s no big deal, that’s just what I do”. Instituting a ritual of weekly reflections that are grounded in what went right go a long way toward building confidence as individuals and as a team.  Completing what didn’t go the way we’d hoped and identifying what was missing allows us to do better next time and serve as a training opportunities that turn into wins. 

Success breeds success!  Be sure to build on your successes by stopping to smell the roses and bask in the sunlight of your accomplishments.  Start your weekly reflections and watch your successes take off.

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