Tying together the 4 “F”s in Business

Everyday business owners are faced with a myriad of choices. Some seem easy and others, not so easy.  As a Business Coach, I’ve been writing about Feelings vs. Facts and Fear vs. Faith in the daily life of a business owner and their teams and how important the choice is to make over and over.   

Until the business has a meeting rhythm where the team  is confronting the realities of the business through Critical Drivers (leading indicators of performance) and Key Performance Indicators (lagging indicators of performance) they will be running the business based on feelings.  Ok and even effective from time to time however it’s not reproducible or sustainable.

The old classic still applies if you can see it, you can move it and manage it.  This is difficult enough to implement with rigor and consistency.  It took us a year to really get the weekly and daily huddles into existence with consistency and we’re still refining our process.  A couple of weeks ago we added in a review of our daily and weekly promises, we report percentage of completion and what was missing from the promises we didn’t achieve.  This public accountability is causing a surge in performance from everyone on the team. 

Let me speak to the Fear vs. Faith component of the 4 F’s in business.   Most of the small business owners I know are afraid.  Of many things, and having gone through the last couple of years there seems to be a certain level of fear in the air that’s kind of catching.  Operating from Faith is a conscious choice and it’s a moment by moment choice. Sometimes it seems like a bad idea altogether.  However when people chose to operate from  Faith they may have moments of fear and yet there is a certain peace in having congruence with a chosen operating state that elevates they’re level of performance and gets them and their team back on track quickly.  My wish for you is that you have the clarity  and peace of running your business from facts and faith.

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