The 4 F’s in Business (They’re NOT What You Think) – Part 2

If distinguishing between feelings and facts brings clarity and direction to your business decisions, then choosing whether your operating state as the owner will be fear or faith becomes the energy that fuels your business engine.  Maintaining a positive mindset may be the biggest challenge you face in your business.

Both fear and faith have enormous energy associated with them.  Think of it as a spectrum.  A healthy fear expressed as a mild anxiety can actually compel you to check something out, be alert, dig deeper and uncover issues as well as opportunities and so on.  At the far end of the spectrum fear at its worst can be crippling or even paralyzing to you and thus your business.  Fear of this nature saps the energy in the business depleting the energy needed to drive the business forward.

No matter what problem you are facing today there is always a solution, because ultimately the only thing you have to deal with is your own thoughts. There may be all sorts of external factors involved however as long as you think the solution is in something out there or someone else’s hands the situation is hopeless.

All of your actions are correlated to the way you see the situation your in.  This idea cannot be over stated.  This is also where the operating state of faith can make the biggest difference.  Faith you ask?  Faith in what?  Faith in yourself, faith in your team, faith in your product or service, faith in you clients, faith in a higher power, I could go on and on. Faith breeds belief, belief breeds success and success breeds more success.  This kind of energy is exponential resulting in a thriving business.

If you find that you’re experience is more fearful than faithful it’s time to evaluate your predominate thoughts and put in a practice or structure to support you in what your committed to.

Perhaps Einstein said it best “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly universe or a hostile universe.”

Feelings and fear or facts and faith, the choice is yours and it’s up to you.

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