Delegating is key…

“Is this the best use of my time right now”?  When I work with my clients who are busy business owners, it is imperative for them to evaluate their time/self management.   I ask them to stop to assess, review and examine how their time is being spent, what projects and tasks they are involved in, their skill set and most of all delegating what can be delegated.

Think about it, the business owner’s time is valuable, and most importantly, are usually the main profit drivers of their business.  So ask yourself if you put a dollar amount on what your time is worth based on your projected income goals, how much of your day are you spending on distractions?   What are your tasks or distractions costing you?

If you say you would like $1,000,000 income in revenues for this year and there are 1,980 working hours in a year based on a 40 hr work week and a two-week holiday, then your hour is worth $500.

My advice – Think twice before you consider doing the things that are not the best use of your time and concentrate on tasks that directly drive those profits!


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