Without a Vision, You Are Lost…

Have you ever tried to take a trip without knowing where you were going?  It usually isn’t very productive…

When we have a clear focus on where we want to go, getting there is much easier.  The vision for your business, or your life, is extremely important for giving you direction to get you where you want to go.

At ActionCOACH, we have a vision of “World Abundance through Business Re-Education” which may sound really big to you, but it is what drives our team.  You see when you have a clear vision that enrolls and inspires you, it will also enroll and inspire others.  Not necessarily everyone, but people who are like-minded to you will be drawn to your vision.  This helps you attract people to your team that are more interested in helping to fulfill your vision, than in collecting a paycheck.  It also helps you attract customers that are aligned with who you are and what you are out to create in the world.

Your Mission is a description of how your business, or your vehicle, is going to help you achieve the Vision.  It’s like the roadmap to your vision!  Crafting a Mission is quite easy once you have your Vision. Simply describe your business and how it helps fulfill on the Vision.

One final note on Vision: If you do a search for Fortune 500 Vision and Mission statements, or if you have heard of this before, you will find that mostly they talk about the Vision and Mission reversed from how I am talking about it.  How you prefer to think about it is up to you. For me, it never made sense to talk about my Vision being closer than my Mission, so I prefer to look at it

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