Managing Challenging Times

It’s 80% Mindset:

1. Are you looking for opportunities? Or, are you complaining and giving in to panic?
2. What are your goals? Are they really clear.
3. Who is around you? Are they focused and positive?
4. Do you have “Think time” for new ideas?
5. Planning is the key. Drill down to the details. What do I need to learn? Whose help do I need to recruit?

And 20% Business Skills:

1. Trim the fat – reference your plan, never cut just to cut. Do you need to cut people, costs, etc.?
2. Look at your product line, what’s selling? How and where can you add value and keep good margins?
3. Examine your sales and marketing. Are you getting a return on your investment?
4. Are you managing your cash flow and budget, it’s critical?
5. What do you need to do to keep your existing customers happy?

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