Back to the Basics… Financial Mastery

Building your business requires a firm foundation. In my last couple of posts, I have been discussion what the 4 pilars of your foundation look like.  Here is the 3rd pilar…

Financial Mastery – Financial Mastery is about understanding the numbers in your business. Not just the finances, like your profit and loss statement, your balance sheet, your cash flows, and your bank statement, but also the numbers that influence all of those. This pilar is about profitability. Understanding your numbers is critical to running a business. Numbers are the language of business, they are the scoreboard. Numbers tell you who’s winning and who’s losing. Too many business owners that I meet only look at their profit and loss statement once a year when their accountant gives it to them, and even then they only look at the “bottom line.” They figure that as long as they have money in the bank, they are fine. Would you be able to play the game of baseball if you didn’t know how to read the scoreboard? Do you think that the players on the field don’t understand what their batting average was saying about them, or any of the dozens of other statistics.

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